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What is the opportunity?

Milton Keynes Council are working with local landlords to offer Assured Shorthold Tenancy accommodation to families that have been made homeless by the current private rented sector. 

The council wants to work with private landlords to create shorthold tenancies of 6, 12 and 24 months for people who would otherwise remain in temporary accommodation. Landlords will be offered a cash incentive to both convert current temporary accommodation licenses to an AST and introduce new rental properties into the market.


Offering your property to Milton Keynes Council as an Assured Shorthold Tenancy via adam Housing offers several benefits.

These include the Council's Landlord Cash Incentive Scheme, which is paid directly to landlords in advance and is determined by the size of the property (based on agreeing a two-year tenancy). 

See below for the amount that you can earn. 

Cash incentives of up to £2,670 per home

The Council will help landlords find tenants

A dedicated team to support landlords with advice and guidance

The Council carries out a free inspection to make sure all properties meet Housing Health & Safety Standards (HHSRS) and can help landlords bring any properties that fail up to the standard

Saving Image

£2,670 cash incentive for a 4 bed home

Partnership Image

£2,010 cash incentive for a 3 bed home

Briefcase Image

£1,700 cash incentive for a 2 bed home

Solution Image

£1,340 cash incentive for a 1 bed home

Supporting Documents

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“We want to take the philosophy we have in adult social care of keeping people in their homes for as long as we can and bring that across to housing."

Cllr O’Neill
MKCs cabinet member for health and well-being

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