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What is the opportunity?

London Borough of Southwark use the portal for their Temporary Accommodation category. This is a system that will allow any provider who meets the criteria to offer their services to London Borough of Southwark.

The system will give housing providers improved access to work with the local authority, a single place to manage compliance for your portfolio, automated and easily tracked invoicing, and the opportunity to join multiple supply chains at any time.

If you are a provider of Temporary Accommodation and wish to join the portal, please view the below walkthrough video and documentation to find out more.


Becoming an approved Temporary Accommodation provider for London Borough of Southwark via adam Housing offers several benefits.

Improved access to work with local authorities

Manage your portfolio, including compliance

Automatic invoicing. Track your payments easily

Our supply chains are open, allowing new suppliers to join at any time

Join multiple supply chains more efficiently